Best Swimming Coach in Singapore

We offer swimming lessons and swim safer programs to pick up swimming skills faster for all ages in Singapore. Read some of our client reviews and testimonials here.

Thank you Coach CK very much for your encouragement and guidance. I am so happy I can swim better!

Wonderful coaches! I can now swim for short distances underwater and have gained confidence as a swimmer. I am now floating on my back by myself.

I tried the whole December holiday to get my 5-year-old daughter comfortable in the water without the use of a floating device. I even went ahead and signed her up for 9 swimming lessons with other instructors but had no luck. It was very incredible how the instructors at Oyougu had my daughter put her face in the water after spending 15 minutes with her during her first lesson and had her start swimming after the 3rd lesson. I strongly recommend Oyougu to everyone.

My children have been attending swimming classes at Oyougu for 2 months now. We love the class sizes and how students are grouped according to ability. The program has given my children great confidence and great survival skills. Coaches are wonderful, approachable and encouraging. I particularly love the way they make swimming fun without the need to compromise on techniques. We have already made wonderful friends from the swimming classes.

I had tried different types of swimming instructors for my youngest child without success until I enrolled him in Oyougu. After lessons with Coach John, my son was no longer crying and clinging to the side of the pool. He was fearlessly jumping to the pool at the deep end. It was indeed an amazing transformation. It’s fun for him and always looks forward to every lesson.

When I first started lessons, I couldn’t swim at all. I had high anxiety about water. I really loved how coaches made a connection with me. They encouraged me while I was in the water with positive reinforcements. They built up my confidence and this helped me become successful. My goal was to learn how to swim and I have achieved the goal!

I have learned so much beyond swimming. I have learned how to have fun in sports and independence. I often think of how blessed I am to have access to such a great program at my age. I know instructors are the influence that assisted me to develop the skills. Thanks a lot.

I highly appreciate the time and effort that coaches take with each student. The program brings the ability to gain more confidence and progress in learning how to swim. I am now full of joy since I have been transformed from water-fearing to water lover.

I would recommend Oyougu to everyone. Instructors are highly skilled and have great experience which enables learners to learn everything precisely. I am now swimming and floating by myself. I am very happy that I found Oyougu.

I want to express my thanks to Oyougu. My two boys aged 8 and 14 joined one month ago with zero swimming experience. Nowadays, my oldest boy is beginning freestyle and my youngest is going underwater. They have gained great skills and life lessons. We really love all staff members and coaches. They were very helpful in determining the best class schedule for my boys. The size of the pool makes them feel confident and comfortable.