Which swimming stroke is the easiest?

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Learning swimming strokes is very exciting since it makes it easy for you to improve your routine while coming up with some incredibly new and immersive ideas. With that in mind, you should always make sure that you try out the simplest swimming strokes, especially as a beginner. It does take a bit of a trial and error to get used to, but it will be worth it.


The breaststroke is seen as one of the best and also the easiest swimming stroke you can try out. You start in the prone position in the pool. You want to stay laterally in the water, with the arms extended. Ideally, you want to have the toes pointed towards the wall that’s behind you, and the fingers must be pointed towards the wall ahead. Keep the palms down, and start with floating in a prone position to feel your buoyancy. You should have a V formed in the space between the index fingers and thumbs. Then you push off the wall and assume the core position.

When you swim the breaststroke, you are basically moving both legs and arms in a sweeping motion. The head is angled downward and the arms are extended outward. You can glide forward via a frog kick, and you can use the arms to propel your body forward. This is a very good swimming stroke if you want to learn how to swim, while also focusing on efficiency and speed.


Aside from the breaststroke, you also have the sidestroke which is known for being very helpful and convenient. You start by spreading out both the arms and legs as much as you can. Then you perform a scissor kick and pull onward with the arms. The idea here, as the name suggests, is that you are swimming on the side and you face the pool wall. You’re not facing the bottom of the pool, which does happen in the case of the breaststroke.

Freestyle swimming

You also have the option to do some freestyle swimming. In this case, you are rotating your body both in and out of the water at once, including your head, legs, and arms. Your kicks are also as important, in this case, you want to use your upper body strength and legs as equal as possible. You need to take a breath when you turn to the side of the water, completing the full rotation.


These are great swimming styles and you will find them incredibly powerful and rewarding. The best part is that you can try out all of them to see what works for you. In the end, the most important thing is to take your time and find which one of the swimming strokes is appropriate for your own experience and knowledge. Trying out all of them can be a great option, just try to take that into consideration!