Baby Swim Classes in Singapore

baby swimming class

Oyougu Aquatics Parent & Baby swim classes are designed for babies 6 months old onwards.

The classes assist parents in teaching their own children to explore and become confident and comfortable in the water. The class focuses on teaching your baby the beginning of fundamental swimming skills such as; blowing bubbles, kicking, floating, and submerging. The class involves a variety of water activities such as playing and singing which assist both parent & baby in learning to enjoy their time in the water.

5 of the benefits that can be obtained by babies learning how to swim, especially when accompanied by their own parents:

  • Improve Cognitive Function— Reading skills, language development, academic skills, and also spatial awareness will benefit your baby’s cognitive development.  Here, infants will learn to swim using both sides of their body.
  • Helps Develop Baby’s Balance and Movement— It has been shown that the benefits of learning swimming in babies can help develop their balance and movement.  Not only as a baby, but also when entering childhood years.  Hence, teaching babies to swim turns out to be more than just fun.  Babies who learn to swim have a better understanding of things.
  • Increase Self-Confidence— Most swimming classes for babies include elements such as playing with water, listening to songs, and skin contact with a parent.  Thus, babies will learn to interact with each other, including with the instructor, and begin to learn their roles in the group.  These elements, combined with the enjoyment of learning new skills, will increase the baby’s self-confidence.
  • Reducing the Risk of Drowning— Most cases of drowning in children and infants occur in the home-based swimming pools.  Therefore, if you have a swimming pool at home, teaching your baby to swim is very important.  Even babies that are quite young can learn safety skills, such as floating while swimming on their backs, which will reduce the risk of themselves from drowning. 
  • Makes Baby Walk Faster— The benefits of swimming for babies are not only related to their motor skills but also their overall health since swimming makes them grow fitter and stronger.  In fact, their ability to crawl and walk will be much faster than other babies who do not know how to swim.


Group Class at Indoor Heated Pool (max of 5 students per class)

  • 6 month old to 3 years old
  • 30 minutes per lesson
  • $432 for 12 lessons
  • Trial class at $45

Private lessons

  • 6 month old to 3 years old
  • 30 minutes per lesson
  • Minimum of 4 lessons per booking
1 student$280
2 Students$320
3 Students$360
4 Students$400