Ask Coach Justin: Top 10 Questions Parents Ask About Swimming Lessons for Toddlers and Kids

Explore the top 10 questions parents ask about swimming lessons for toddlers and kids, answered by Coach Justin. Gain insight into starting age, preparation, frequency, safety, progression, and more.

6/27/20232 min read

swimming lessons with coach justin at bishan swimming complex
swimming lessons with coach justin at bishan swimming complex

"Ask Coach Justin: Top 10 Questions Parents Ask About Swimming Lessons for Toddlers and Kids"

As a parent considering swimming lessons for your child, you may have a barrage of questions. Having coached hundreds of toddlers and kids at Bishan Swim School, I've noticed that several questions commonly crop up. In this article, I'll answer the top ten questions parents often ask about swimming lessons for toddlers and kids.

When is the best age to start swimming lessons?

Typically, the ideal age to start formal swimming lessons is between 3 to 5 years old, when children are developmentally ready. However, water familiarization programs can begin as early as six months old.

How can I prepare my child for their first swimming lesson?

Start by creating a positive buzz around swimming. Talk about the fun aspects of swimming and show them how exciting the water can be. Before their first lesson, make sure they're well-rested and have had a light snack.

How often should my child attend swimming lessons?

For consistent progress, children should ideally attend swimming lessons once or twice a week. Regular practice is key to mastering swimming skills and gaining confidence in the water.

How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Every child is different. Some may pick up skills quickly, while others may need more time. Patience is crucial. With regular lessons and practice, most children become comfortable in the water within a few months.

What should my child bring to swimming lessons?

A swimsuit, swim cap, goggles, a towel, and a change of clothes are the essentials. If your child is still in diapers, a swim diaper is necessary.

Will my child be safe during swimming lessons?

Absolutely. Safety is our top priority at Bishan Swim School. Our coaches are all certified in CPR and first aid, and we maintain a low student-to-coach ratio to ensure individual attention.

What if my child is scared of the water?

Fear of water is common and perfectly normal. Our coaches are experienced in helping children overcome their fears through gentle encouragement and by making lessons fun and enjoyable.

What can I do to support my child's swimming journey?

Be patient and positive. Encourage them to practice their skills outside of lessons. Show interest in their progress and celebrate their successes, no matter how small.

How will I know when my child is ready to move to the next level?

At our Swim School, we have a clear progression pathway. Coaches will monitor your child's progress and suggest moving up a level when they have confidently mastered the necessary skills.

What happens if my child doesn’t like the first class?

It's common for children to feel unsure about the first class. Give them time to adjust. However, if they continue to feel uncomfortable, it's worth discussing with the coach to find the best solution.

Last but not least

Swimming lessons are a significant step in a child's life, and it's natural to have questions. As a coach, I'm here to ensure that your child's swimming journey is safe, enjoyable, and rewarding. Remember, every swimmer starts somewhere, and with patience, encouragement, and the right guidance, your child will be swimming with confidence in no time.