Terms & Conditions (Coaches)

Terms & Conditions

Personal Data Protection Act and Disclosures

  1. Coaches will be representing oyougu.com and MUST NOT represent any other swim schools or agencies when conducting the classes taken from oyougu.com. This includes not wearing any t-shirt, rash guard, wetsuit or any other clothing or accessories when providing the class.
  2. Any classes taken from oyougu.com will be the property of oyougu.com. Coaches are not allowed to represent themselves from another company both in relation to swimming and unrelated to swimming coaching.
  • Coaches Tier
    • Tire 3 rating is applicable for all new coaches unless otherwise stated.
    • Tire 2 rating will be for coaches who have taken a minimum of 4 classes with oyougu.com and do not have a “negative rating” from parents. The tier status will be given at oyougu.com discretion and any negative feedback received will
    • Tire 1 Rating will be applicable for coaches who have taken a minimum of 8 classes with oyougu.com and do not have a negative rating from parents
  • Coaches Ratings
    • Ratings on coaches will be taken from parents on the 1st lesson, also known as “trial class” as well as the 4th lesson, also known as “first month”.
    • Ratings will be on a point basis with a maximum number of points being 10
    • Ratings will be calculated based on the average of the trial class and first month
    • “Negative rating” will be any final score less than 5
  • Collection of Fees and Payment of Commission
    • First month’s fees will be collected from the parents via oyougu.com.
    • Fees less any commission will be paid to “the coach” within 3 working days upon completion of the first month’s class or 4 lessons whichever comes first
    • Any future fees may be collected directly by the coaches from the parents or via oyougu.com
    • “Class Policies” for both coaches and parents will be enforced for if any future fees are collected via oyougu.com
  • Class Policies
    • Coaches
      • The coach is to be at the pool at least 5 mins before the start of each lesson.
      • Should the coach be late due to unforeseen circumstances, the coach is required to inform the parents at least 15 mins before the start of the class
      • Coaches must not negotiate with the parents on the price for the class
      • Coaches must not negotiate and/or change the class time within the first month of class
    • Parents
      • If the one or more child/ children is sick or unable to attend on the day of the class, parents would have the option for a replacement class based on the availability of the coach.
      • If no replacement class is possible, the class may be postponed for up to once a month.
      • Any classes cancelled by the parent more than once a month will be charged at 50% of the class fees for that class, for the month
      • For small group classes, fees for individual students are payable for all the lessons in the month, unless all the students are unable to attend the lesson on the stated day and a replacement lessons is requested; subjected to the same class cancellation policy stated above.
      • In the event of inclement weather during lessons,
        • If there is inclement weather 1 hour before the start of the class, the coach has the option to cancel the class and request for a replacement class at the mutual availability of both the parent and coach
        • Full fees for the lessons will be collected if the lessons have been ongoing for more than 15mins
        • Half fees will be collected for any lessons which have been conducted less than 15mins or at the start of the lessons
        • Should inclement weather (lighting alert or heavy rain) start at the start of the lesson, the coach will wait for 15 mins. If the weather clears and lessons is possible, class will resume for the remaining amount of time (15mins or 30mins). If the weather does not clear after 15 mins, half the lesson fees will be charged
        • Coaches will also be able to do land drills with “kid’s classes” which would be counted to lesson time