Swimsafer Silver (Stage 5)

Skill Outcome: To be able to demonstrate skills learnt in a given context for authentic learning.

SwimSafer Stage 5 Silver certification Program,


(Using crouching dive entry)

  • 50m Front-Crawl (within 1:30 min)
  • 50m Breaststroke (within 1:50 min)
  • 50m Backstroke (within 1:40 min)
  • 25m Survival Backstroke
  • 25m Sidestroke
  • Dolphin kick 10m on the front

Survival Sequence Silver: (w/o goggles)

Dressed in swimwear, long pants and t-shirt

  • Enter deep water using a straddle jump
  • Perform a backward somersault
  • Submerge feet first surface dive
  • Swim underwater for 3m through hoops and resurface
  • Swim 45m quickly using front crawl
  • Wave and call for help
  • Retrieve a PFD in water and fit it while treading water
  • Demonstrate Heat Escape Lessening Posture (H.E.L.P) technique
  • Swim 25m with PFD and climb out of water

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