Swimming Lessons for Kids with Swimsafer Program

Kids swimming lesson

Singapore swimming becomes one of the mainstay sports of the Singaporeans.  In addition to their passion for swimming, the “Lion Country” also made swimming a life skill of great achievements.  From winning various medals in the Olympics, Asian Games, as well as the SEA Games, Singapore has a total of 26 public swimming complexes for swimming enthusiasts.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents choose to send their children at a young age to swimming lessons for kids in Singapore.  At Oyougu Aquatics, it is one of the swim school that many parents go to because of their priority for safety swimming classes for children. Furthermore, all swim coaches at Oyougu are certified and very professional in helping young children and kids master swimming techniques safely and reliably, with affordable lesson prices. 

Here are the 6 stages of the Swimsafer Program at Oyougu aimed at teaching water safety and swimming skills for kids (4-15 years old):

  • Swimsafer Stage 1 (Water Introduction Technique) — Swimming is a completely new experience in a child’s life.  For that reason, it’s normal for them to feel scared of the water at first, especially floating and be under water.  The purpose here is to teach children the different ways they can get into the water safely, so that learning other swimming techniques will be easier later on.
  • Swimsafer Stage 2 (Basic Water Skills) — These skills include underwater, proper entry into pool, treading water at the deep pool.  Besides swimming technique, children will also be taught the fundamentals of strokes, such as breaststroke and the survival backstroke technique.
  • Swimsafer Stage 3 (Deep Swimming Skills) — Children will be introduced to more swimming stroke (a.k.a freestyle and backstroke) by advancing all their swim stroke skills. By the end of this stage, children will be able to swim continuously at a 50 meters distance.
  • Swimsafer Stage 4/Bronze (Advanced Strokes) — As children progress their stroke techniques, they will also progress in their stamina while swimming up to 100 meters continuously.  At this point, children surely enjoy learning these skills because it is so much fun!
  • Swimsafer Stage 5/Silver (Underwater and Timing Skills) — Underwater swimming is also an important skill.  The technique most often used for underwater swimming is similar to breaststroke, but with a few differences.  Children will learn to swim underwater to 3 meters in water depth and to perform advanced water survival skills. In addition, they will be able to complete laps within a certain timing.
  • Swimsafer Stage 6/Gold (Advanced Swimming) — At this advanced swimming level, children are required to progress on the various stroke techniques very well and smoothly with an estimated distance of 400 meters, with more intensity timing to complete laps.  At this point, children will continue to learn about personal rescue skills and water safety skills.

Therefore, have your kids learn to swim at Oyougu and have them learn the life skill of swimming with fun and positive motivation.  The swim school will have a friendly atmosphere of swimming lessons for kids in either a group class or a private swimming class.  As an important step in a child’s development, children will not be taught under pressure, but to gently introduce them to swimming with Swimsafer program as they gain comfort and confidence.